Hello and congratulations on your journey! My name is Michelle and I love to nourish and nurture growing families. The childbearing and postpartum period is a transformative time to adapt, grow new perspectives and reflect. The name “Eleven Moons” comes from the ten moons of pregnancy plus the following moon cycle postpartum, in which the family begins its new journey.

As a birth and postpartum doula, I hope to work with a diversity of families to support their personal parenting styles without judgement. I am an active listener who encourages partners to share their feelings and reflections around birth. I am motivated to work with families who do not conform to gender, sexuality or family-structure norms, including families formed by adoption or surrogacy. I strongly believe that ALL families deserve an intimate circle of doula support, regardless of economic means. I offer sliding scale rates for my services to be accessible to all families.
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Why I decided to become a doula

After the birth of my first child, I was surprised at how unprepared I was for the postpartum period. Even though I had sought out supportive prenatal care—I felt completely caught off-guard when it came to newborn care, breastfeeding and the emotional rollercoaster following birth.

After experiencing the many ups and downs of the postpartum experience with my first baby, I took it upon myself to learn more about postpartum traditions around the world. In other cultures, it is common for the mama and baby to be sheltered in a sacred space for the first 40 (or so) days, with relatives, friends and neighbors taking care of household duties while the family bonds with their new baby.

I found myself craving this sacred time of “lying-in” with a newborn when I became pregnant for a second time. Having the wisdom from my first experience, I set about preparing my nest, pantry and freezer, before the birth of our second child. With this preparation in combination with the great babysitting support we had for our older daughter, our family had a much smoother transition as we grew from three members to four.

My doula journey began with a focus on supporting the postpartum period. One year into the work, families began asking me if I could also accompany them through their births as well. Now with my experiences at births, training with traditional midwives in Peru and Colombia, and childbirth educators and doulas in the Netherlands, California and Germany, I am happy to offer additional services as a birth doula.

I believe it is imperative that birthing families have the tools, guidance and support they need in this important transitional time. I hope my work as a doula can help foster a nurturing space for families to build strong foundations as they welcome a new life into their hearts.

Education and Experiences