Birth Doula

Having a baby is a profoundly emotional and physical life change, and it is an honor to support families in this process.

As a birth doula, my goals are to:

  • help you feel prepared and confident in your body’s capacity to birth;
  • provide comfort management techniques throughout your labor (including breathing, massage and acupressure,movement, rebozo, aromatherapy and meditation);
  • to open the space for you to reflect positively on your birth experience.

I firmly believe in trusting your body’s innate wisdom, and I seek to support your birthing choices as you plan where, how and with whom to give birth. I offer non-judgmental care for birthing individuals and their loved ones. As you consider your options, remember that this is your baby, your birth—use your instinct as your guide.

My Birth Doula service includes:
  • Free initial in-person consultation
  • Two prenatal meetings (1-2 hrs each)
    First Meeting will cover: discussing your ideas around labor and birth (may include preparing a birth plan if desired), discussing who will help support you and what they need to feel confident (if you are in a partnership, it’s best for the person to be available to meet me as well), discussion and practice of comfort measures available during labor, sharing educational resources as requested
    Second Meeting will cover: going over birth bag, review birth ideas/plan, continued education and practicing comfort measures, answering any questions that might arise
  • Availability by phone or email during your pregnancy
  • On-call 24/7 availability during your birth window (from 38 weeks)
  • Physical and emotional support during labor and birth (support may start at home and help transfer to hospital/birth center, if applicable)
  • Support in the immediate postpartum (up to 2 hours after your birth)
  • One postpartum visit (2-3 hours) which often includes sharing your birth experience, discussing lactation, postpartum recovery and newborn care.


If you are interested in additional postpartum support, I offer postpartum doula services as well.

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*I can offer my full birth services at a sliding scale rate. Those who you are able to pay on the higher end of the spectrum, this enables me to keep time available for families who require discounted services. I believe all families should have access to doula care and support, and I am happy to offer discounted and work-trade options whenever possible. I especially prioritize my availability for underserved populations who may face societal barriers including: those with low income, teenagers, people of color, undocumented families, single parents, queer, trans and gender nonconforming people. Please connect with me so we can discuss options and availability for your family.